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The packaging for FRENZ, an organic egg company known for prioritizing the free living conditions of their hens, has been designed with a focus on environmental sustainability. The concept revolves around minimizing waste and using the least amount of materials to promote a better environment for both humans and animals.

In line with this vision, the packaging is made only from corrugated paper, ensuring an eco-friendly design. The corrugated surface serves a dual purpose: providing shock reduction for egg protection and securing their positions within the package. This guarantees that the eggs remain intact during transportation, safeguarding them from the farm to your kitchen.

For a simple and earthy aesthetic, the box is printed using only brown ink. This choice creates a monotone colour scheme that aligns with the brand's commitment to simplicity and sustainability. The brand logo is prominently placed on both the top and side of the packaging, ensuring easy recognition even when stacked amongst other products in supermarkets.

School Project


Packaging Design

Art Direction


Graphic Design



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