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再見 回憶的盒子

This publication is designed as an insert of a Chinese poem monthly magazine. Using music box as the theme, this publication tells two stories about memories of a mother and daughter associated with the same music box.


The flow of reading mimics the action of opening the music box. The cover of this publication is designed with reference to the appearance of the music box mentioned in the stories with the elements simplified. 

By opening this publication, the reader is opening the music box, and the story of the memories begins to reveal.

The song played in the music box is depicted with the movement of the brass roll on each page.
The two stories are told in parallel with one written in the top page and the other in the bottom and colours of the text are used to differentiate them. When the story ends, the whole song is presented with the two colours representing the two’s linkage, embossed on the last page. 

Student Project


Graphic Design​

Editorial Design


130mm × 188mm



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